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For Visiting Excavators

The following documents are helpful resources for students and archaeologists planning to visit Çadır Höyük.


Word DocumentGuidelines for Turkey (2013)
A set of guidelines for Turkey and the dig. Especially helpful for those coming to Turkey or Çadır Höyük for the first time. Includes communications info, what to bring, costs, the food situation, etc.
PDFExcavation System
An explanation of the system we use to conduct archaeology, for reference.
PDFExcavation Turkish
Some simple Turkish phrases to help communicate with the locals on site.


Step by step directions on how to get to Peyniryemez from Ankara's Esenboğa airport and the King Hotel.
PDFKing Hotel Information
The team usually stays at the King Hotel in Ankara on its way to and from the site. This is a handy document to show taxi drivers to help them locate the hotel.
King Hotel Güvenlik
(90.312) 418 90 99
13 Güvenlik Caddesi
Aşağıayrancı, 06540

Not sure what to expect when you arrive?

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