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2004 Season

In 2004 trenches were excavated on the east, south and north slopes, on the summit and on a terrace. The Late Chalcolithic and EB I deposits produced more evidence of small houses. With EB I there is a change in masonry techniques and orientation, a change reflected also in the pottery where a coarse, chaffy ware appears in the transitional layers. This replaces the black burnished Late Chalcolithic wares, which included omphalos bowls with pairs of white painted diagonal lines from the rim.

The step trench produced material from Early Bronze to Byzantine but it was very mixed. A building of two rooms is probably Middle Bronze Age. The bichrome red and yellow pottery is not exactly paralleled at other sites but can be compared to Kültepe Karum Ib.

Later material included a Middle Iron Age gateway (reused in the Late Iron Age), and three phases of Byzantine occupation, the earliest perhaps belonging to a religious community as a threshold stone bore an incised cross.

From Ronald L. Gorny, “The 2002-2005 Excavation Seasons at Çadır Höyük. The Second Millennium Settlements,” Anatolica 32 (2006): 29-54.

List of Participants, 2004-5: Ron Gorny, Sharon Steadman, Greg McMahon, Samuel Paley, Jenni Ross, Bruce Verhaaren, Carol Schneider, Chad Bouffard, James Carlson, Marica Cassis, Amy Chang, Rob Cochran, Tim Fortin, Claudia Glatz, Peter Graves, Sarah Jones, Lisa Kealhofer, Amy Lloyd, M.J. Hughes, Juliana McKittrick, Megan McMahon, Janet Meiss, Emilee Novak, Holly Oyster, Katie Ross, Aaron Smith, Alexia Smith, Gail Thompson, and Yukiko Tonoike.