2013 Season

A report will be written soon summarizing this seasons’ excavations. When it is, it will be posted here! Check back soon. List of Participants: Sharon Steadman, Greg McMahon, Jenni Ross, Marica Cassis, Jeff Geyer, Ben Arbuckle, Emre Şerifoğlu, Sarah Adcock, MJ Hughes, Laurel Hackley, Madelynne von Baeyer, Josh Cannon, Stefano Spagni, Dominique Langis-Barsetti, John Clindaniel, […]

2009 & 2012 Seasons

A report will be published soon in Anatolica summarizing these two seasons’ excavations. When it is, excerpts will be posted here! Check back soon. List of Participants, 2009: Ron Gorny, Sharon Steadman, Greg McMahon, Jenni Ross, Harrison Kanzler, John Clindaniel, Samantha Haines, Katie Klauenburg, Brian Truelson, Sarah Voorhees, Rob Caro, Anthony Orsini, and Jake Ransohoff. […]

2008 Season

The 2008 excavation season at Çadır Höyük was a productive one, lasting from July 3 to August 10 and involving a team of 17 archaeologists of all levels of experience. After clearing two years of erosion and thorny plant growth, efforts were primarily directed toward expanding existing trenches relating to the Late Chalcolithic, Iron, and […]

2006 Season

Chalcolithic levels were excavated this year on the lower south slope where there was a gate and enclosure wall. It now appears the wall went around the entire site. Two levels transitional to EB I were revealed, as well as pithos burials. In the step trench, deposits from the early Karum period to the Iron […]

2005 Season

In the Byzantine area on the summit, Building A went through three phases (6th century to 9/10th century), dated by well-preserved coins. This was a fortified area and many animal bones were discovered. These animals had not been butchered and they may have been penned here when the site was abandoned. Excavation also started on […]

2004 Season

In 2004 trenches were excavated on the east, south and north slopes, on the summit and on a terrace. The Late Chalcolithic and EB I deposits produced more evidence of small houses. With EB I there is a change in masonry techniques and orientation, a change reflected also in the pottery where a coarse, chaffy […]